21st shodh yatra report

2nd june to 8th June 2008, Borra to Pedavaguru , By Koel Ghorai & Jaydeep 

2.6.2008   Place: Borra village, Time 10am 

  • Welcome note by Mr Devalu from NGO Samata who are working for the upliftment of rural ppl and tribals of Araku valley and the neighbouring areas.

According to him there has been 2 distinct landmarks – Samata judgement that prevents the illegal use of land by mine owners and Samata movement that helps the procurement of pattas by villagers from the govt.

“Health of the hills is the wealth of the plains”. He also said that Govt has the ownership to allt he lands in and around borra. Its income from borra caves alone is around rs 1 – 1.5 L per month. But they don’t do anything for the surrounding villages.

  • Mr Malleshwar Rao from ITDA welcomes all the shodh yatris. He says he is grateful for samata’s help. He requests all the villagers to help the shodh yatris.
  • Mr Ram Babu, a young boy from the borra village has become a lawyer and he requests allt he shodh yatris to help them in making their lives better. The govt doesn’t give the pass book to villagers after handing over the pattas which makes it illegal possession of the villagers. Because of that the villagers don’t get loans or bails.
  • Mr Appalu Naidu, herbal healer, was felicitated by Professor Anil K Gupta. He treats a rare skin disease.
  • A village register was presented to the village head for documenting herbal remedies and knowledge about the village

2.6.2008 ,  Village no 2,  Time : 1:05 pm  Sisuguda Village 

  1. Saraschampa, 90 + age was felicitated.

2.6.2008,   Village no 3, Time : 2: 30 pm, Mullyaguda Village


  1. Professor’s talk
  2. Herbal healer Sriram Ravi felicitated.


2.6.2008,   Village no 4, Time : 7: 30 pm,  Medhapatti Village 

  1. Recipe competition
  2. Herbal healer Vantala Buddu felicitated.
  3. Dimsa Dance

3.6.2008,  Village no  1, Time – 10 am, Village – Peddabayalu

  • Agriculture is the main source of income for the villagers.

  • Boyina Sanyasi felicitated for having great knowledge about the village.

  • Knowledge register given to the village head.

  • A new innovation ‘energy efficient chullha’ by jyoti was documented. The innovation is 1.5 yrs old and is the only one in the village. It has 3 layers of heat conservation in the stove.  

3.6.2008, Village no  2, Village – Boddapadu

  • Mr Korra Balaraju, herbal healer, felicitated.
  • Another herbal healer Korra Meenna felicitated too.
  • Talk by Professor and mr P Ganesan.
  • Biodiversity competition among the village kids and also for the shodh yatri youths. 8 village kids performed very well. And as expected the city dwellers didn’t know much about the biodiversity and performed pathetically.

3.6.2008, Village – Valasa 

  • Idea generation competition -  Sudha rani came up with the idea ‘on demand memory system. ’. Khonda Babu, sudha rani, pavan kumar, vijay kumar, Padma were given certificates and prizes for idea generation.
  • Villagers were shown videos of innovations. They were very enthusiastic
  • Sirgam Sanyasi Naidu HH Felicitated.
  • Apanna sang a song and was appreciated by all. The song lyrics ws composed by a villager too.

3.6.2008, Village : Ralavalsa 

Recipe competition

Winners- 1st prize- Veduru Kommullu for making bamboo curry.

2nd prize – Janne Ramalamma for making mushroom curry and konda curry

3rd prize – Sambe Gangamma for making chamagadda (arbi) and chinappa (bamboo), Sumpi chinappa for making kondacurra, Boini Gangamma for making panasakura.

Sambi Pandanna HH felicitated. 

4.6.2008, 1st village Village- Majjivalasa

  • Kerangi Buddu, herbal healer, felicitated.

  • Pange guru, herbal healer, felicitated.  

4.6.2008, Last village- Burja 

  • Recipe competition:

             1st prize: D.Ishwaramma for totakura

             2nd prize: C H Kannama for gummadi and rajma

             3rd prize: Nani Mamalamma  

  • Song by 3 girls.
  • Dimsa Dance

5.6.2008, 1st village – Burja

  • Herbal healer Bimri laikan felicitated. He is 35 yrs old. Occupation is agriculture. He has bought books on herbal remedies from orissa. He gives medicine for healing wounds, joint pains, snake bite, stomach ache, gums and tooth ache, blood clotting, malarian typhoid, fever, chest pain. Nervous weakness, gas and swelling.

5.6.2008, 2nd  village – Barringbandar 

  • Introduction speech by village head.
  • People were asked to tell about anything important in their village.
  • Biodiversity competition results

1. Shimadri Indira, 4 yrs old, 17 samples.

2  Lakshmi - 25 samples.  [ new knowledge LUMPI- a plant whose leaves are  planted in field to remove pestsand insects.

      3. Sujata- 18 samples

      4. Hashin- 17 samples

      5. Indra- 2nd prize

                                  Gulibuta- for cleaning metals

                                   Timbamal- for reducing swelling in neck

                              Pitaghosh-  for inducing vomiting

                              Myposada- for curing joint pain

Sanki- to cure stomach worms

                              Maldristi- to cure any pain


                              Kontowa- its fruits if thrown in the pond kills all the fishes.

                              Duilong- Milk of the leaves to extract thorn from skin

                              Boreng- to apply on head after bath for head cooling

                              Konkodi- to reduce sleep in case of people who sleep a lot.

        6. Appalaraju- 1st prize. He got 49 samples of plant leaves.

·        Herbal healer Samar Chinmalya felicitated.

·        Radhika amma felicitated for khowledge sharing.  

5.6.2008, Time : 3:30 pm, Kinnamguda 3rd village 


  • Introduction speech by Professor and Brig P Ganeshan.
  • Description of posters and ideas like innovation and product development, marketing among villages as well as in cities.

5.6.2008, Time : 3:30 pm, Chompi,4th  village 

  • NIF presentation & videos shown to villagers.
  • Morning-(6th)-group discussion among shodhyatries.

6.6.2008, 1st Village - Kottavalasa 

  • Biodiversity competition for kids.

               Arvinda+Ishwara – 23 samples

               Pavan kumar – 3 samples

  • Herbal healer Pannanna felicitated.

6.6.2008, 2nd village- Kodipunjalavalasa 

  • Tribal cultural pogram
  • Village meeting and checking of check dams.
  • Discovering lauki ladle. Slogan: Plastic hatao. Lauki se kaam chalao.
  • Jami Ramchandra HH felicitated.
  • Biodiversity competition:

                      Teja- 2 samples

                        Akhila- 5 samples.

                        Swarupa- 2 samples.  Gorentaku- mehandi

                        Jyoti- 13 samples

                        Rajesh- 8 samples

                        Chittibabu- 7 samples

                        Prasad- 4 samples

                        Samuel- 5 samples

                        Nani- 3 samples

                        Vinayak- 2 samples

                        David- 1 sample

                        Rosa- 5 samples

                        Lavanya- 4 samples

                        Dinawali- 5 samples

                        Mahesh- 4 samples

                        Venkat- 5 samples 

6.6.2008, 3rd village- Sirgam, Time: 3 pm 

  • Introduction by Brig P Ganesan. He talke about better procedures for cultivation, new uses of various trees.
  • Knowledge register presented to the village head.

6.6.2008, 4th village- Varra, Time: 5 pm 

  • Fight between herbal healers, indirect attack on shodhyatries.
  • Shodhyries left village without any meeting.

6.6.2008, 5th   village- Dumriguda, Time” 8:30 pm

  • Songs by Shodhyatries.
  • Introduction session for the shodh yatris and sharing of experiences and ideas.

7.6.2008, 1st  village- K. Panasaput 

  • Muttal Mutti felicitated for sharing her knowledge.
  • Biodiversity competition:

                 Uday kiran- 5 samples

                  Sai kiran- 4 samples

                  Uttara kumari- 3 samples

                  Sumitra- 4 samples

                  Uttam- 5 samples

                  Arjun – 5 samples

                  Kalyan kumar- 5 samples

                  Chunchi devi- 5 samples

                  M.Shiva- 5 samples

                  Hemawati- 8 samples

                  Narayan amma- 6 samples

                  Sukanti-9 samples 

7.6.2008, Kinchumunda

  • Felicitation of Cooks(Mr.Srinivas & team) & Drivers(Ravi & Muruli).

7.6.2008, Titingvalsa

  • Calling the villagers by playing the flute.
  • Village meeting and introduction by professor and Brig P Ganesan.
  • Presenting knowledge register to village head.
  • Leaving for Vizag by APSRTC bus.

8.6.2008, Vizag, Samta Hostel 

  • Final Day meeting, experience sharing. Knowledge sharing and idea generation for making the yatra better from next time. 
  • Felicitaion of Shodhyatries.
  • Press conference at press club.