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Events done for the year 2017

December 2017 Events
3 -Visit to Warangal and Huzurabad to meet innovators
4 -Meeting with Secretary, TS PCB alongwith Ch Mallesham, Padmshri awardee
4-5 -IICT and Grassroots Innovator Patan saida working on windmill at West Gogulapally, Nellore dist.
5 -Interaction with EU team at IIIT, Hyderabad
5 -Padmashri awardee Mallesham receiving letter from KTR for supporting manufacture of asu machines and innovations for handlooms
5 -EU Team visitng Palle Srujana 
7-10 -National workshop at IIT, Benares
8-9 -Participation in an Exhibition for School Children at LB Nagar, Hyderabad
11-Visit of KVK, Jammikunta Scientists to Palle Srujana
12 -Assessing the progress of social projects undertaken by IICT, Hyderabad
15-17-25th Chinna Shodha Yatra in Dist Visakhapatnam
19-Jury for social hackathon at KITS Amaravathi.
21 -Interaction with former Scientists of IICT
21-23 -Exhibition for School Children at Residential School, Madikonda, Warangal
22 -Dr APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE award function at Amrapur, Gandhinagar
23-25 -Agri and Flower show @ Vijayawada
23-25 -Sattvik festival 2017 @ Ahmedabad
27-29 -Visit Araku and Vizag
November 2017 Events
01 November-Core Group meting
02 November - Interaction with team from Agastya
02 November-Visit of Team from CVR TV Channel
03 November-Visit of Innovator Amarnath from Anantapur
04 November-Presentation at a workshop at Hitex, Hyderabad organized by AYUSH
06 November-Interaction with Faculty and students of VISIT, Tadepalligudem
07 November-Visit to Challapali and Vijayawada
08 November-Interaction with a Team from Tata Cornell Institute - TARINA, New Delhi
09 November-Interaction with Script team
09 November-Visit of Sri D Ramaiah and Sri Ch Mallesham both PADMASHRI awardees, 2017 to Palle Srujana
10 November-Visit Innovator Saida Chary
11 November-Brainstorming of rural problems and their solutions with a young group
13 November-Route finalization for 25 CSY in Dist Visakhapatnam
14 November-Interaction with school children at Nizamabad
16 November-Visit Innovator in Nizamabad dist
18 November-Brainstorming at Osmania University
20 November-Lecture at T HUB on "Thinking Social"
21 November-Visit of European Union Team representative to Palle Srujana
22 November-Visit Innovator Ch Mallesham, Padmashri Awardee 2017
22 November-Interaction with Mr Phanindra sama, CIO, T-Works
25 November- Signing MoU with Sphoorthy College
26-28 November-Visit Araku and Vizag
28-30 November-Palle Srujana is one of the Places to be visited by Delegates of GES. 
28 November-Visit Innovator in Nalgonda Dist
29 November-Presentation at ASCI, Hyderabad

October 2017 Events

2 October-Mallesham, Padmashri Awardee launching "Zero Pollution" campaign at Pochampalli
10 October-Signing of MoU for a Film on Innovator
13 October-Presentation at India International Science Festival being held at IIT, Madras
14 October- Participation in Kisan Mela at Vijayawada
13-16 October- Four Innovators participating in India International Science Festival at IIT, Madras
22-23 October-Visit to Kurnool and villages nearby
24 October-Visit of 40 children from DPS, Shamirpet
26 October-Presentation to SERP staff
25-26 October-National Consultation on Adivasi Women at Visakhapatnam
27 October-Visit Innovator at Suryapet
28 October-Visit of 49 children from DPS, Shamirpet
30-31 October-Visit Vijayawada and Charlapalli

September 2017 Events

2 September-Interaction with Students of INIFD, Madhapur
4 September-Talking to Agri Scientists at NAARM, Hyderabad
5-6 September-Visit Pratyusha Girls Home, Araku
9- September-Visit to a tellapalli village, Krishna Dist
9-11 September-Innovators participating in India International Innovation Festival in Visakhapatnam
10-11 September-Participation by Grassroots Innovators in "Krishi Vikas Mela" at IIOR, Hyderabad
18-19 September-Visit Gadwal and Kurnool to meet innovators, Children and farmers
19 September-One day workshop at Sphoorthy Engineering College on Entrepreneurship at Grassroots
22-24 September-24th Chinna Shodha Yatra
August 2017 Events
2 August-Meeting with All India Radio Team
5 August-Interaction with Madam Almitra Patel at Bengaluru
8 August-Interaction with Students and Faculty at Nalla Malla Reddy College of Engineering, Hyderabad
9 August-Interaction with a Team from Gramonnati, Puduchhery led by Mr Ved Prakash Sharma
9 August-"Phone In" programme in AIR, Hyderabad FM stations for farmers of AP and TS from 10 -11 AM.
10 August-Two innovators visiting Palle Srujana from Karimnagar dist
12 August-Visit by a Team of Foreign Agri specialists from NIRD & PR, Hyderabad
14 August-Interaction with Faculty and Students of Shiv Shivani Institute of Management
17-18 August-Participation in "Agri Innovations" Workshop @ NAARM, Hyderabad
22 August-Visit Innovators in Karimnagar Dist
24 August-Visit Gadwal to interact with an Innovator
26 August-Visit Jingurthi to participate in the inauguration of Organic Agriculture Institute
27 August-24 Chinna Shodha Yatra route finalization
29 August-Addressing teachers from Govt Schools, Hyderabad on MANAK/INSPIRE
30 August- Invited to participate in T-Works meeting at GoTS/IT Dept along with Ch Mallesham
31 August-Interaction with faculty and students of Sphoorhy Engineering college
July 2017 Events
1 July-Grassroots Innovation exhibition at Ramayampet, Medal Dist
2 July-Presentation of Internees MLRIT
3 July-Core Group Meeting
5 July-Visit innovators in Karimnagar dist
6-20 July-Internship for OUEC students
7-8 -Grassroots Innovators participating in the Frugal Innovations Workshop at NIRD PR, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad
8 July-Visit of a Team from BTR project -SELCO Foundation
9 July-One day Workshop for Volunteers / Inernees at Palle Srujana
11-13 July-Distribution of Sada bahar plants from Kota, Rajasthan to farmers from Telangana and A.P.
12 July-Core Group Meeting
17 July-Visit of team from SELCO and BTR
20-21 July-RESE 17 - International Seminar at Pollachi, Tamilnadu
22 July-Interacting with School children "Innovation Session" Gachibowli
25 July-Interaction with Scientists at ASCI,  Hyderabad
26 July-Presentation on Inspire/MANAK to schol students and Teachers of Telangana on "Mana TV"
27 July-Interaction with students of MLRIT, Hyderabad
27 July-Telephone interaction with CSR Team, Relainace Industries, Mumbai
28 July-Interaction with story writer from Mumbai
29 July-Visit Woman innovative farmer at Anantapur
28-30 July-Visit Anantpur, Madanapalli and Kalahasti to meet innovators
30 July-Visit Innovator Gurumurthy  at Madanapalle
June 2017 Events
02-04 June  -  23rd Chinna Shodha Yatra
05 June  -  Discussion for an MoU with CIDRF- Puduchery
7 June -  Mallesham interaction at INVESCO
8 June -  Interaction with Trust team and Mentors of Bharat Yuva Shakti Trust
9 June  -  Interaction with Children at Khammam
9 June  -  Visit Padmasri Daripalli Ramaiah in his village
10 June  -  Visit of 50 Forest officers from Telangana State Forest Academy
11 June  -  Visit of Village mentors to Palle Srujana
12-24 June  - Internship for Engineering Internees from MLRIT and OUEC
22 June  - Internees capturing children ideas in Keshav Memorial High School
23 June  - Visit of Internees to Mallesham Innovator
24 June  - Internees visiting a Village in Mahabubnagar Dist
26 June  - Presentation by Internees
27 June  - Meeting with Director CIPS
28 June  - Core Group Meeting @ Palle Srujana
May 2017 Events
01 May  - Honeybee network meeting at Ahmedabad
03 May  - Demonstration of wind mill at NAARM
03 May  - Interaction with Chinna shodha yatries at Palle Srujana
04 May  - Route Finalization for 23 China Shodha yatra
05 May  - Visit Innovators in karimnagar dist
06 May  - Meeting with Subrahmanya raju garu from Agriinfoindia
09 May  - Visit KVK, Jammikunta
11-18 May  - 39th Shodha yatra in Odisha
19 May  - Presentation of two NIF Internees ex IIMs
19 May  - Core group meeting
23 May - Presentation by NIF Internees
23 May - Interaction with a group of mentors from Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust
23 May - Visit of J2iC team
20-23   - Science Express​ @ Kothavalasa 
24   - Innovators from Sattenapalli visiting Palle Srujana  
24-26   - Science Express​ @ Gudivada  
27-30 May  - Visit Science Express - Miryalaguda
28 May  - Interaction with 400 Teachers of Telangana at SCERT, Hyderabad on Children Innovation
29 May  - Meeting with NSDC at CIPS, ASCI
30 May  -  Interaction of Innovators and Volunteers with Prof Anil K Gupta
April 2017 Events
04 April - Meeting with Mr Subrahmanyam, Ekalvya Foundation
04 April - Innovator Tirupathi rao visiting Palle Srujana
07 April - Woman Innovator Sridevi visiting Palle Srujana
08 April - Half a day workshop at Palle Srujana
10 April - Innovation exhibition at Kolanupaka for farmers
10 April - Meeting with Commissioner, Handlooms, GoTS with Ch Mallesham for Asu machine subsidy
11 April - Meeting with Padmaja, J2IC and a film maker
12 April - Visit nnovator in Mahbubnagar dist
13 April - Meeting at IICT to discuss the progress of MoU
15 April -Deliberation with Commissioner, GHMC on lake cleaning
16 April -Grassroots innovator Narasimha meeting with Commissioner, GHMC
16 April  -Melu  Kalayiaka at IICT
17 April  - Core Group meeting at Palle Srujana
18 April  -Visit Innovator near Zaheerabad
22 April  -Felicitation to Ramesh- Seed Innovator by CGR, Hyderabad
25 April   - Interaction with Balabadi Team at Achampet
27 April   - Address OU Alumni on Development of villages
28 April   - Core group meeting at Palle Srujana
29 April  -Signing of MoU with MLRIT

March 2017 Events
01 March - Innovation display at HITAM, Hyderabad
01 March - Visit to an innovator near Zaheerabad
04 March - Award function at Rashtrapathi Bhavan
05 March -Sristi Samman award function at Rashtrapathi Bhavan
06 March -Participating in a National Round table conference on "Innovation in Public service" at Rashtrapthi Bhavan, New Delhi
7-9 March -Participation in Agri Biz Agri clinic at Peoples' Plaza organized by MANAGE, Hyderabad
7-10 March -Festival of Innovations at Rashtrapathi Bhavan
20 March -Interaction with with Mr Kannan - Mikrospin
20 March -Visit of Innovator Patan Saida to Palle Srujana
21 March -Visit of Innovator Adigoppula Ramudu to Palle Srujana
22 March -Meeting with Commissioner handlooms, GoT with Mallesham
22 March -Visit of Innovator Ch Mallesham to Palle Srujana
22 March - Interaction with Commissioner, Handlooms, GoT
23 March -Participation in a panel discussion at NIRD in the Rural Incubator Start up Conclave
23-24 March -Rural Innovations Start up Enclave at NIRDPR, Hyderabad
24 March -Brain storming -I with Volunteers on "Social Enterprise'
26 March -Brain storming- II with Volunteers on "Social Enterprise'
28 March -Core group meeting
30 March - Interaction with Scientists @ NAARM, Hyderabad
February 2017 Events
01 - Mallesham talk at Hitachi Consulting Campus @ Gachibowli 
02 -Visit of 20 Women scientists from ASCI, Hyderabad to Palle Srujana
03-5 - 7th Gyan Shodh
07-8 -Visit to Pratyusha Girls Home
09 -Visit to Visakhapatnam
12 -Demonstration of an innovation for grassroots at Palle Srujana
11 -Conducting Creativity workshop at RSC, Tirupati
17-19 -22nd Chinna Shodha Yatra in Dist Bhoopala Palli, Telangana
21 -Interaction with children at School in Aler
23 -Second Follow up meeting  of 7 Gyan Shodh
23 -Interaction with farmers at NIPHM
24 -Visit of 40 farmers from all over Telangana
24 - Visit an innovator near Zaheerabad, TS
25 -Interaction with Students and Faculty and innovation display at VISIT, Tadepalligudem
26 -Visit Innovator at Parvatipuram, AP
27 -Visit of ITI, Kolluru students and faculty to Palle Srujana.
28 -Palle Srujana Kutumabam Mini Meet and Dinner at Palle srujana office.
28 -Innovations display at MLRIT with innovators.
January 2017
9-Visit innovators in Warangal dist
10-Visit of IIT, Hyderabad Students and Faculty to Palle Srujana
11-12-Participation of two teachers and four school students from Telangana and AP in a National workshop on "Creativity" at Ahmedabad organized by SRISTI
16-Visit RDSO, Lucknow
17-Validation trials of Mini tiller
18-Visit Herbal healer in Nizamabad dist
18-Meeting with Scientists of IICT-CSIR for discussing the progress of MoU.
18-Interaction with IICT-CSIR at Palle Srujana 
21-Route planning for 22 Chinna Shodha Yatra
23-Visit of Prof Gupta to Kakinada
25-Interaction with students and faculty of NIT, Warnagal
26-Flag hoisting and interaction with students of HITAM, Hyderabad
28-Participation and interaction of a poor children school near Jawahar nagar, Hyderabad
28-Felicitation to the two grassroots Padmasri awardees by NAARM,  Hyderabad.
29- Interaction with school children in an event organized by a young group from former Teach India group 
26-29-Participation in Science city Festival at kolkatta
30-Farmers Mela at Kazipet