Shodh Yatra / Chinna Shodha Yatra-2

  Pakhal To Gangaram
  18 - 20 November 2011

Shodha Yatra is a pilgrimage to the forgotten temples of Knowledge. We believe that the villages and villagers are highly knowledgeable and to understand their expertise in living in harmony with the ever changing nature is the mission of Shodha Yatra. We walk for 2-3 days and interact with the nature and the people live in the VILLAGES.

First Chinna Shodha Yatra  was held in April- May 2011 in Duggondi Mandal of Dist Warangal.  23 students from NITW, MRIM and others participated. The feedback indicated that the objectives were fully achieved.  Please see the enclosures for the impressions of shodh yatris.

Second Chinna Shodha Yatra is scheduled during 18-20 November 2011. It is proposed to be held in Kothapadu mandal of Dist Warangal starting from the historic Pakhal Cheruvu (Reservoir) constructed by the Rulers of KAKATIYA Dynasty, 800 years back for irrigation purposes.


  • Observe the bio-diversity and its changes over the route

  • Observe the livelihood practices of Villagers.

  • Understand the harmony among the villagers and the nature.

  • Interact with villagers and learn their traditional knowledge. Document it.

  • Identify creative people in the village and document their knowledge

  • Felicitate elders above 90 years at their door step.

  • Understand the villagers’ perspective on Development.

  • Observe the resource availability and their utilization including value addition etc.

  • Assess the self reliance practices.

  • Talk to children and inspire them with your achievements.

  • Assess the aspirations of village youth and their parents

  • Identify technology gaps and see the appropriateness of the tools and equipment being used by the villagers.

  • Study the crop pattern and examine their suitability to the environment, people’s needs and its sustenance.  


  • Participation in Chinna Shodha Yatra II is voluntary and there is no fee for registration.

  • College students – boys and girls are welcome to participate in the Shodha Yatra.

  • Any citizen-male or female, boy or girl, who understands the mission of NIF and honeybee may participate in the yatra.

  • All participants should be physically fit to walk 30-40 Kms over three days.

  • Expenses for reaching the starting point and returning back from the termination point should be borne by the students.

  • Food expenses will be shared equally by the yatris.

  • Yatra discipline needs to be strictly followed.

  • Meeting point is NIT, Warangal, A.P. on 18 November 2011 @ 9 am (not later than).

What to carry:

  • One set of change of clothes

  • Torch light

  • Steel plate, tumbler and  spoon

  • Pad and pen/pencil

  • Camera, video

  • Bed sheets(2)

  • Mug

  • Water bottle

  • Cap

  • Suitable  foot wear – avoid new shoes

  • First aid kit

  • Medicines, if you are using any

  • A blanket and woollen clothes for the night

Avoid using mineral water.

Try and live like villagers during the yatra.

One bag per participant will be carried separately in a logistic vehicle.


Please send a mail expressing your willingness to participate to
Contact No +919866001678.

Last date of Registration:   17 November 2011 

Mail following details for Registration to

·         Occupation:

·      College & Location (If student):

  ·    Contact No:

 ·     Email ID:

  ·    First Time Yatri?  Yes/No

Broad Programme:

18 November 2011

9.00 AM                  Gather at Meeting Point- NIT, Warangal

Contact Satish Reddy Cell No +919160508753,  

Or Vandana 9441969033

10.00 AM                Travel by Bus to Pakhal – Lunch at Narsampet enroute

02.00 PM                Arrival at Yatra starting Point, Introductory session,

03.30 PM                Shodha Yatra Commences

19 November 2011               

                                      Shodha Yatra continues

20 November 2011

10.30 AM                Arrival at Gangaram, Sharing of Impressions.

Yatra ends.

12.30 PM                Lunch              

01.00 PM                Dispersal from Village Gangaram (3 hours travel time to Warangal)

Other Information

·        Food will be centrally organized. Each participant has to contribute for the food. Tentatively an amount of Rs 300 per head may be deposited by each participant with Raju, Volunteer on 18 November at the beginning of the yatra.

·        During the Yatra, we will be felicitating the old and deserving villagers with shawls and other useful items. Voluntary contributions from participants are welcome for this purpose.

·        Each participant is expected to do the following:

  • Keep active and participate whole heartedly.

  • Interact with other participants extensively.

  • Talk to villagers with respect and learn from them.

  • Impressions to be shared on the last day.

  • A Report to be sent to Brig (Retd) P Ganesham by 22 November 2011 thru email. 

SECOND CHINNA SHODHA YATRA   Pakhal To Gangaram   18-20 November 2011 

18 November 2011    ( Distance 12 Km)

9.00 AM         Gather at Meeting Point- NIT, Warangal

Contact Satish Reddy Cell No +919160508753, 

Or Vandana 9441969033

10.00 AM        Travel by Bus to Pakhal – Lunch at Narsampet enroute

02.00 PM        Arrival at Yatra starting Point, Introductory session, See bio diversity at Pakhal, Shodha Yatra Commences

03.30 PM         Interaction with Villagers Chilakamma Nagar

06.30 PM         Arrive Kothaguda, meet villagers

07.30 PM         Reach Gandhinagar School. Interact with school children

Dinner and Night stay

19 November 2011    ( Distance 20 Km)      

            07.00 AM       Breakfast

            07.30 AM       Attend Assembly, Self Govt Day in School

            08.00 AM       Yatra commences

            11.30 AM        Meeting at Village Polaram, Lunch

            12.30 PM         Depart for Madiguda

            05.30 PM         Meeting at Village Madiguda

            07.30 PM         Interaction with School children

            08.30 PM         Dinner and night stay

 20 November 2011    ( Distance 12 Km)

O7.00 AM          Breakfast

07.30 AM           Yatra commences

10.30 AM           Arrival at Gangaram and meeting with Villagers

11.00 AM           Yatra Ends.

Sharing of Impressions on Shodha Yatra

12.30 PM           Lunch              

01.00 PM           Dispersal from Village Gangaram (3 hours travel time to Warangal)


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